Ismail Haniyya, one of Hamas leaders and a candidate to the Palestinian Legislative Council candidate, said that the Oslo accords are "Dead", and that the movement is participating in the elections for the sake of resistance.
The statements of Haniyya came at a large public procession, organized by Hamas, under the title of "The Green March" in several areas of the Gaza Strip on Friday, the Maan News Agency reported.
Also, Haniyya slammed what he described as the attempts to defame the movement for participating in the elections while it rejected to participate in the 1996 legislative council elections.
Earlier this week, Fateh candidate Mohammad Dahlan demanded Hamas to apologize to Fateh for criticisms against it during the 1996 elections.
Dahlan said that Hamas rejected to participate in the first elections in 1996 because they are based on the Oslo accords which the movement rejects, "nothing have changed, the elections now are also based on the Oslo accords, yet Hamas wants to participate".
Both the European Union and the US have threatened to cut financial aid to the PA should Hamas candidates succeed in the elections. Hamas responding to these statements said that the new government, if headed by Hamas, will seek support Arab and Muslim countries.