As Palestinian Security personnel began to vote on Saturday, four days ahead of the general Palestinian Legislative Council elections, Hamas movement accused the Central Elections Committee (CEC) of violating the elections protocol by not publishing list of security personnel voting in the pre-election period.

Hamas media spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri, said that when the CEC does not allow that publishing the list of P.A security and policemen it "opens that door for members of the two devices to vote again during the general elections in January 25.
He called on the CEC to publish the names and "be neutral and fair", adding that if the lists were not published, the movement will escalate the situation and force the CEC to publish the names.  
Meanwhile, Ammar Dweik, The Executive Director of the Commission, denied Hamas’ accusations and said that "There is no way fraud can take place after the CEC took all of the needed measures to secure fair election".
The Maaan News Agency reported that Dweik did not deny that security and policemen might have been pressured to vote for a certain party or candidate, but once they enter the polling center "they are free to choose and vote".
Tawfiq Abu Khousa, spokesperson for the Palestinian Ministry of the Interior, said that the voting was "quiet and easy", and added that the P.A security forces will deploy to protect the general elections after carrying their early voting.
Abu Khousa refused to comment to Hamas’ allegations and described them as "rumors" and added that most of the police and security personnel are either former detainees or resistance fighters.
"They are mature enough", he said, "They know what they should do".