Officials of the leading Fateh party estimated on Wednesday evening that the movement won 46% of the vote in Wednesday’s elections for the legislative council.

An official of Fateh movement said that the Hamas movement, which is competing neck-to-neck with Fateh, has received 30% of the vote  
The counting of the votes started after all polling stations, except in Jerusalem, were closed; the final results are expected to be released on Thursday at dawn.
The voting process in Jerusalem was extended for extra two hours.  
The observers of the elections said that the voting process was conducted smoothly, without any interruptions, only minor violations in some areas were reported.
Nearly 73% of the eligible voters participated in the voting process. 76.8% of the residents in Gaza, and 70.6% in the West Bank practiced their voting right.
60% of the eligible voters in Jerusalem practiced their right.
The number of local and international observers in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is 17611, and 3000 reporters.