Israeli president, Moshe Katsav, said on Thursday that if Hamas movement is heading for peace, and recognizes Israel, then the two sides can advance for peace.

Yet, Katsav said that that Hamas is a dangerous party "that called, even recently to the continuation of terrorism".
Katsav went on saying that Hamas is also a dangerous element which never stopped preaching for terror.
He added that the participation of Hamas and any armed group in the elections is "an unjustified step".
Meanwhile, Shimon Peres, who is currently present in Jordan, said during a meeting with king Abdullah that a new situation has emerged from the elections, and that Hamas has to decide now if it wants to remain a "terrorist faction" and thus result in the isolation of the Palestinians and cause them to lose the international support.  
Israeli Labor Party head, Amir Peretz, said that Israel has yet to wait and see what happens next, and whether the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, wants to remain in his position after the defeat of his movement.
Peretz added that, if necessary, Israel will carry unilateral procedures and will not agree to "freeze the political process".
"Changes in the Palestinian political system will not transform us into hostages", Peretz said, "There are many issue that are only dependant on us".  
Likud party chairman Benjamin Netanyahu said that a "Hamastan" state has been created, adding that this state will be controlled by Iran.
"All of this is only a thousand meters away from us, and is close to Jerusalem, and the Lod airport", Netanyahu stated, "We are talking about an Islamic state, a state that has leaders with blood on their hands".
 Netanyahu added that Hamas will never change, and that it will always called for the destruction of Israel.