Israeli soldiers uprooted, on Sunday, agricultural areas which belong to residents of Beit Al Roosh village, south west of Hebron in the West Bank. The village is close to the green-line which separates the West Bank from Israel.

A source at the Popular Committee for Land Defense stated that Israeli military bulldozers uprooted, over the last three days, more than 150 Dunams located 50 meters west of the Separation Wall.
The source added that military bulldozers uprooted olive orchards which belong to resident Mohammad Al Shawamra, in preparation to construct a settlement outpost there.
Also, soldiers uprooted orchards which belong to several others residents in order to construct a road leading to the new outpost.  
Soldiers and tech-teams started installing electricity generators, wires, and other infrastructure installations, on farmlands which belong to the families of Amro and Al Shawamra.
Dozens of residents who own orchards in the area submitted an appeal to the Israeli High Court of Justice in an attempt to stop the constructions.