Mousa Abu Marzouq, assistant of the head of Hamas’ political bureau reported, on Monday, that the movement has been holding secret talks, in recent period, with the United States on several issues, adding that Hamas prefers direct and formal talks.

Abu Marzouq told an Algerian newspaper that Washington replaced the direct talks with secret ones which were formal in some cases and informal in others.
"Hamas prefers direct talks with the United States in the coming period", Abu Marzouq said, "We will deal with every party in accordance to our strategy".
Also, Abu Marzouq added that as long as there is occupation, Hamas will not recognize Israel and will continue its resistance activities. 
"As long as there is occupation, we will resist and regain our rights", Abu Marzouq stated, "In this period, we do not intend to recognize Israel, because it’s a state which expelled our people, and is occupying our land".
Referring to the Israeli decision not to negotiate with any Palestinian government that includes Hamas, Abu Marzouq said that if Israel rejects to negotiate it will "isolate itself".
He added that there is a positive development in the statements of the US president George Bush, who said that he will hold talks with Hamas if its drops its calls to destruct Israel.
"Israel is still calling for the destruction of Hamas, but Bush stopped calling for the destruction of the movement", Abu Marzouq added, "He started talking about negotiating with Hamas if it changes its agenda". 
Regarding renewing the truce with Israel, Abu Marzouq said that the world has yet to wait until Hamas presents its political program.
He called on the Arab and Muslim countries to support the Palestinian People and help them in regaining their rights, and establish their independent state.
"Our people gave us their ultimate trust, and elected us", he said, "We expect a positive position from the Arab countries".
According to Abu Marzouq, Hamas will imitate talks with the Arab countries next week in order to clarify its position and policy.
In regard to the American backed Road Map Plan, Abu Marzouq said that the movement does not believe that this plan is the best solution to the Palestinian cause, confirming that Hamas will not agree to give up any of the Palestinian rights.