Former Palestinian Authority official denied all accusations of money mismanagement which surfaced in the last several days, Maan News Agency reported.

The former Minister of Civil Affairs, Mohammad Dahlan, denied allegations linking him to money mismanagement activities. He asked all individuals and parties, including Hamas, to form a government and present any files to the Palestinian General Magistrate pertaining to embezzlement charges.
"Hamas must accomplish the program they promised the people in their electoral campaign," Dahlan said. "They have to form the government by themselves and must manage with the government based on the Palestinian Authority and the PLO."
He spoke about the current financial crisis in the Palestinian government pertaining to employee salaries, saying, "The responsibility is on Hamas now and it must do what it promised the people."
On the other hand, Dahlan hinted that security forces should become under the direct responsibility of the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
The prominent Fatah official, said, "Like the national security and intelligence forces, they remain under the auspices of the President’s office."
Dahlan, who stepped down from his Ministry position to run in the PLC elections, called on the security forces to remain committed to law and order.  Dahlan was among the few Fatah candidates who won the elections, in Gaza Strip districts.  The Majority were Hamas candidates.
Addressing a number of journalists in Gaza Wednesday, He added, "Any changes that might be released by the Ministry of the Interior must be agreed to by President Abbas."
Hamas said it will not accept to transfer responsibility over the security forces to the President, saying a dialogue should be held over this issue with President Abbas.