In spite of the recent incidents which followed the publication of cartoons which included offensive caricatures against Islam’s prophet Mohammad, the Al Yasser brigades, one of Fateh armed groups visited the Latin church in Gaza affirming unity among the Palestinians, Muslim’s and Christians.The group visited the church on Saturday afternoon affirming the internal unity, and condemned the threats against churches in Gaza, vowing to protect the local Christian population.  

Al Mu’tesim Billah, the spokesperson of the Al Yasser brigades, said that Muslims and Christians are one in many ways.

He added that any threat against the Christian holy places in Palestine is considered a threat against the Brigades.

During Saturday’s visit, 15 members of the resistance group gave flowers to nuns and children in Gaza in a show of solidarity and respect.

The nuns thanked fighters and affirmed their mutual feelings of a deep relationship between Palestinian Christians and Muslims.

Palestinian Christians constitute 13% of the Palestinian population with most of them living in exile throughout the world. Within Palestine, Christians constitute about 2% of the total population.