Unknown gunmen abducted a Palestinian security officer and his wife, on Saturday, after obstructing his vehicle while he was driving along the coastal road in Gaza.



Eyewitnesses, and security source in Gaza, reported that Waleel Kanaan, an officer of the Presidential Security forces, and his wife, who is a Palestinian police officer, were abducted by the unknown group, which has not yet made any demands.



Palestinian police and security initiated a probe into the incident.


Kanaan is also married to a second foreign wife, who was not with him during the attack.


His Palestinian wife was released shortly after the kidnapping.


The reasons behind the abduction remain unknown, but a Palestinian security source reported that the abduction has no apparent political motive.


The Ma’an News Agency reported that the Palestinian security forces found bullet holes in Kan’an’s car, indicating that the kidnappers opened fire during the abduction.


Palestinian Authority police installed dozens of roadblocks in the area and started a wide-scale search.