In spite of the Sharm Al Sheikh understanding and the declared ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in February 2005, Israel did not honor its obligations and violated the agreement 682 times during the 52 week of ceasefire, the Palestine News Network reported. 

These violations included firing rounds of live ammunition at the residents, shelling residential areas, repeated invasions in West Bank cities and towns, breaking into homes, continuous arrests, and installing roadblocks and military checkpoints on the main roads connecting between the Palestinian cities and towns and villages.
These violations included imposing strict closures on the Palestinian areas, banning the residents from traveling through the international border crossings, in addition to resuming the construction of the West Bank Separation Wall, and expropriating.
Israeli soldiers arrested 109 residents, carried 133 military invasions, and installed 92 portable checkpoints, closed roads and crossings 210 times.
Extremist settler groups carried ten attacks against the Palestinians and their properties.
The settlers carried 599 attacks against the Palestinian residents, their lands and properties since the declaration of ceasefire.
The total number of Israeli violations carried since the declaration of cease fire arrived to 26679 violations.
The violations include 2654 incidents of firing rounds of live ammunition at the residents; 187 residents were killed and 1277 were injured.
A total of 4406 residents were arrested since February 2005, the number of military checkpoint installed in the Palestinian territories arrived to 4832.
Also, soldiers annexed 35344 Dunams (8633 acres) of farmlands, and uprooted orchards 203 times.