Palestinian detainees in Shatta detention facility in Bissan appealed humanitarian organizations to pressure the Israeli Prison Authorities to improve their living conditions, and stop the daily attacks and abuse they are subjected to.The detainees reported that soldiers repeatedly attacked the detainees, subjected them to naked body searches in addition to cutting the water sources and barring them from the “break” in which they are allowed to leave their rooms for a short period of time.

Also, Prison Administration repeatedly imposed high fines on the detainees without any proper reason or explanation.

On Tuesday, a committee formed by the parents of the detainees in Nablus area released a statement which revealed the bad treatment and abuse practiced by the soldiers against the families while visiting their detained family members.

The committee reported that soldiers are forcing the women to remove their veils and and dresses while searching them. This act is a direct violation to the principles of human rights and a violation to the Islamic culture tradition.