In several attacks throughout the day on Sunday, Israeli soldiers, supported by armored vehicles and Jeeps, invaded Balata refugee camp, in the West Bank city of Nablus, shot and killed two Palestinian children during clashes which erupted there following the invasion, five residents were arrested.
A medical source at Rafidia hospital in Nablus identified the two youth as Ibrahim Al Sheikh Issa, 16, and Mohammad Ahmad Al Natour, 16 years old.    

The source said that Ali was shot with a live round in his neck, and Al Natour was shot with a live round in his chest; Al Natour died before medical teams were able to transfer him to the hospital.

The Maan News Agency reported that an explosive detonated near a military jeep as the soldiers invaded the camp causing damage to the jeep. After the explosion, soldiers fired life round in several directions killing the two youth.   

31 other residents were injured during the ongoing clashes, ten of the injured were identified as;

1. Ramzi Mohammad Saleh, 17, he was hit by a rubber-coated bullet in his head.
2. Mohammad Waleed Habash, 16, rubber-coated bullet in his head.
3. Samer Mohammad Ja’areen, 35,  rubber-coated bullet in his left leg.
4. Abdul-Fattah Nassar Abu Aisha, 16, rubber-coated bullet in his left leg.
5. Wael Khaled Abu Al Tayeh, 17, rubber-coated bullet in his left thigh.
6. Hasan Khaleel Mustafa, 22, rubber-coated bullet in his left thigh.
7. Ibrahim Mahmoud Ayed, 18, rubber-coated bullet in his right arm.  
8. Ahmad Ghazi Abi Thra’, 17, rubber-coated bullet in his left leg.
9. Othman Ahmad Ali, 16, live round in his right leg.
10. Mohammad Asdel Kassaf, 17, rubber-coated bullet in his arm.

Dr. Ghassan Hamdan, head of the Medical Relief in Nablus, reported that soldiers fired at medical teams in the camp.

One doctor was shot and injured while she and her team were trying to evacuate one of the injured residents. She was identified as Anan Al Ateera.

Dr. Hamdan added that Dr. Al Ateera was hit by bullet fragments in her head.

Also, soldiers broke into dozens of houses in the camp and arrested four residents. The arrestees were identified as Ahmad Al Qaisy, 25, Mohammad Al Moghrabi, 27, Ibrahim Nour, 26, Ali Abu Touq, 28.

In a separate invasion to Ras Al Ein neighborhood in Nablus, soldiers arrested Haitham Al Masry, 35 after breaking into his house and several houses there.  

Also, soldiers demolished the front wall of the house of Tawfiq Hamamy, in Al Hashasheen neighborhood in Balata refugee camp after claiming that resistance fighters were hiding there.  

Balata refugee camp, inhibited by 20.000 Palestinian refugees was surrounded by dozens of armored vehicles and hundreds of soldiers who barred the residents from entering or leaving it.