An Israeli military source reported on Tuesday at night that an explosion occurred at the Karni commercial crossing, between Israel and the Gaza Strip, no injuries were reported.The source stated that the army is examining the nature of the explosion, and that the Shin Bet domestic security service was also participating in the probe.

Minutes after the explosion, the Israeli ZAKA rescue service reported  that nobody was hurt in the blast; Palestinian medics in Gaza also said they had had no word of any casualties.

The army is examining the possibility that the explosion took place in an underground tunnel which was apparently built by resistance fighters.  

The Karni crossing is an important passage for the Palestinians since almost all Palestinian imports and exports go through it.

On January 14, 2006, the army closed the crossing after claiming that a resistance group had dug a tunnel under it.

P.A security found and closed the beginning of the tunnel at the Palestinian side of the crossing, no explosives were located.