Seven Palestinians and an Israeli supporter were injured today by Israeli forces that opened fire on a nonviolent demonstration against the Wall in Beit Sira Village, west of Ramallah.  Several were also injured by rubber-coated bullets in the weekly anti-Wall protest in Bil’in village.
During the demonstrations in both Beit Sira and Bil’in after Friday noon prayers, Israeli forces opened fire and shot gas and sound bombs at the hundreds of demonstrators.

The injuries were a result of rubber bullets, gas inhalation, and beatings.

One Israeli supporter was shot in the left eye with a rubber bullet and is now hospitalized. His wounds are described as critical.

In Bil’in, a journalist was hit with a rubber-coated bullet in the leg, and several protesters were also hit by rubber-coated bullets.

This week no arrests were made among the dozens of villagers and their supporters who turned out to protest the Israeli confiscation of 60 percent of their village lands for Wall construction and settlement expansion.

The western Ramallah village has continued to have one of the strongest nonviolent protest movements in the West Bank, beginning with daily protests over a year ago and continuing every Friday after noon prayers.