Two Palestinian boys were shot, one critically, by Israeli soldiers Sunday evening when they protested the  strip-search of a Palestinian girl by Israeli soldiers at Anata Checkpoint, northeast of Jerusalem.Israeli soldiers shot Wael Sami Al Sirisi from Qalandiya Refugee Camp in Ramallah and Hatem Mohamed Al Krshan from the town of Anata, according to eyewitnesses.

Israeli soldiers occupying a military outpost near Anata checkpoint shot the two boys when the boys to stop Israeli soldiers from continuing to harass a girl. The Israeli soldiers were trying to force her to remove her clothes. Israeli soldiers shot the boys, one critically in the stomach.

Israeli forces took the two young men and put them in their own Hadassah Hospital under guard, reported Ma’an News Agency. 

After that, Israeli forces occupying northeast Jerusalem completely closed the checkpoint, hindering the movement of hundreds of Palestinians.