A third round of talks between Fateh and Hamas movements on the formation of the new Palestinian government was concluded, on Thursday at night, without any results or breakthrough in the horizon.
Azzam Al Ahmad, Fateh block head at the Palestinian Legislative Council, said that the two parties need more talks and dialog in order to bridge their differences and reach an agreement on the formation of the new government.

Al Ahmad added that Hamas did not bring any written proposals, and that the round of talks was a continuation of a previous one between the two sides.  

Also, Al Ahmad also said that there are several issues that Fateh insists to maintain, such as the main rule that should controls the coming government, and that this rule should be based on the articles mentioned in document of the Declaration of Independence.

He added that Hamas should recognize this document, the agreements signed by the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and the decisions of the Palestinian National Council.  

Meanwhile, Hamas spokesperson, Salah Bardaweel, stated that there there are several differences between the two movements, but he expressed hopes that a break through will occur in the next round of talks.

The main difference, according to Bardaweel, is on the political issues.

Bardaweel added that the signed agreements between the P.A and Israel are “land-mines”, and that the coming government cannot be committed to every article included in these agreements.  

“We in Hamas believe that we should be committed to the results and realities of these agreements”, Bardaweel said, “These agreements are facts, but we should not be committed to every section mentioned there, we have to act in accordance to the interests of our people”.

He added that Hamas seeks to establish the new government as soon as possible “to stop the suffering of the people”.