One Palestinian fighter, member of the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) was  killed, and nine residents were injured, on Tuesday, during clashes which erupted between Palestinian security forces and fighters of the PFLP after attacking the French Cultural Center in Gaza.
Jom’a Al Aaqqa, head of the Public Relations Department at the AL Shifa Hospital in Gaza, reported that Yasser Reehan, 26,  was killed in the clashes which erupted after the fighters broke into the center in Al Rimal neighborhood in Gaza city.  

Meanwhile, a senior Palestinian security official reported that the Ministry of Interior and National Security issued strict orders to fire at any person who attempts to abduct foreigners or attack foreign organizations and offices in the Palestinian territories.

According to the Palestine-Info news website, PFLP activists managed to kidnap four Frenchmen and Koreans, after storming  into the Diera Hotel on the beach of Gaza and abducted the four.

Another PFLP group tried to kidnap another Frenchman but he managed to escape and was helped by members of the Palestinian preventive security.

All of the abducted foreigners were safely released on Wednesday, yet one Canadian citizen was abducted earlier this day in Al Boreij refugee camp in Gaza.