Ahmad Sa’adat, the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestinian, abducted by Israeli forces from a Palestinian prison on Tuesday, told the Palestinian people not to count on the American role in the future, as the Americans showed their true cowardice in their complicity in the Israeli attack on the prison.Captured Sa’adat, now in Israeli prison, blames US, UK for their role in Israeli attack on Palestinian prison

In a letter to the Palestinian People from his jail cell in Jerusalem, through Adameer Society, Saadat said that the Quartet [for Mid-East Peace – made up of the US, European Union, Russia and the United Nations] is forming a cover for Israel, and that what happened in Jericho made the US and UK part of this conflict.

Sa’adat put the burden responsibility on both America and Britain and accused them of collusion with the Israelis, he also blamed the Palestinain Authority for not releasing the prisoners in Jericho Jail.

Sa’adat stated that he has great confidence in the Palestinian people and called for the Palestinian friends throughout the world and the Arab and Islamic countries to support Palestinian people in their struggle.

Meanwhile, Adameer lawyer Sahar Fransis condemned the kidnapping of Sadat and his comrades and looked at it as a clear violation of their human rights and all international signed agreements.

Lawyer Mahmoud Has’san said that the Dameer Society appealed to the Israeli High Court to be able to meet with the other Palestinian prisoners.

Aziz Dwaik, a Palestinian legislator, said that Sa’adat is a Palestinian Legislative Council member, having been elected in January elections, and is thus protected by immunity; Dwaik stated that Sa’adat was kidnapped in a cowardly military attack which violates agreements signed by Israel.

Dwaik called for the immediate release of the Palestinian leader and his comrades, condemning the way Israeli forces humiliated Palestinian inmates and security people during the operation.

Wife of Palestinian Prisoner Majdi Rimawi spoke about the suffering of the prisoners in the Jericho Jail and denied Israeli allegations that they had been living a "life of luxury" in the prison.

Mrs. Rimawi called on international human rights associations to intervene in this issue and asked Palestinian human rights societies to pressure Israel to release the prisoners.