Azzam Al Ahmad, head of Fateh bloc at the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) said that Hamas movement rejected the joint document presented by all parliamentary blocs which includes four main  conditions to join the Hamas government.
The four main conditions presented in the documents are;

1. Palestinian Liberation Organization is the sole representative of the Palestinian People and the reference of the Palestinian government, which is a condition all of the Palestinian Parties, including Hamas, agreed on during the Cairo talks in 2005.

2. The government should be committed to the articles of the Declaration of independence declared by the Palestinian National Council in 1988.

3. The government should be committed to the primary law of the P.A.

4. The government should call for an international conference for implementing international  resolution regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and reject any unilateral solutions.  

Al Ahmad added that the four main conditions were made in agreement and talks between Fateh, the Popular Front Front for the Liberation of Palestine,  the Democratic Front Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Palestinian People Party,  The Palestine Democratic Union, Al Mubadara, and the Third Way, but Hamas rejected the document on Thursday.  

“Fateh feels that Hamas does not have a real interest in a national unity government”, Al Ahmad added, “Our main demands are the demands agreed upon with the other factions”.

Also, Al Ahmad added that the Fateh bloc at the Palestinian legislative Council will contact Hamas one last time and urge it to reconsider its position.

“But it seems that there is no chance Hamas would change its stance, if this situation continues, Fateh will not part of the upcoming government”.