The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas slammed the Israeli party Kadima’s policy of unilateral steps regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Israeli sources reported.
In an interview with the electronic newspaper Ma’ariv, Abbas said he believes in ‘s right to ask for security and the right of the Palestinians to ask for independence. 

"I believe in peace between the two people, based on two-states-for two people.  I also believe in democracy and willing to sit with you [Israelis] at the negotiations table, however I ask, we have extended our hands, so why don’t you shake hands with us?  I want to live in security and peace and we build a Palestinian State on the borders pre-1967.   has the right to feel secure beside the Palestinian state that is calling for independence and we [Palestinians] have the right to be independent, so we agree, where is the problem?"  Abbas told Ma’ariv reporters.

He told the reporters that should give Hamas a chance to prove its intentions for peace, adding that once said that his is a terrorist.

Abbas also said he will not deal with unilateral moves if presented by the acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, if he becomes Prime Minister.

In another interview by phone on Wednesday, Abbas told the Haaretz newspaper that a peace deal with could be reached in one year.

Abbas said he does not expect that Hamas government will stop him from negotiations with , adding that if he reaches agreements with , he may put them to referendum if not approved by Hamas.

Latest polls show that at least 72 percent of the Palestinians want peace with and 82 percent demand the dismantle of armed groups.

On the other hand, a recent poll in showed that 68 percent of the Israelis will not live in a building that hosts and Arab neighbor, and many Israelis prefer that Palestinians move to .