300 Residents of Bil’in village, near the West Bank city of Ramallah, including Israeli and international peace activists protested on Friday against the annexation Wall and settlements; the peaceful protesters were met by military violence, ten were injured and five were arrested.

Coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall, Abdullah Abu Rahma, informed the IMEMC that the protesters carried three objects symbolizing Modi’in Elit settlement, constructed on orchards that belong to the residents of Bil’in and several surrounding villages.

One protector wore clothes representing a judge and smashed the objects in a move that symbolized destroying the settlement.   

“Israel does not respect the rulings of its high court”, Abu Rahma stated, “Recently the Israeli High Court ruled that the construction in  Modi’in Elit is illegal, but the army did not demolish the illegal buildings constructed by the settlers”.

Also, soldiers attacked the protesters and fired gas bombs, concussion grenades and rubber coated bullets. Ten residents were injured, including one resident identified as Tha’er Mohammad Hashim, who was injured in his chest and was transferred to Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Ramallah.

“He was hit by a gas bomb in his chest”, Abu Rahma said, “He has his hand on his chest when the gas bombs hit him”.

The Israeli army claimed that the protectors poured red paint on the soldiers and policemen, no injuries among the forces were reported.