A Palestinian security source reported that the Israeli air force carried out three air strikes  in the northern part of the Gaza Strip; the attacks targeted Al Waha Resort, Al Nasser neighborhood and Falasteen (Palestine) Playground, excessive damage was reported,  no injuries.

An Israeli military source reported that the shelling came after resistance fighters fired homemade shells at the Israeli Negev town of Sderot.

The army claimed that fighters had used the building for cover after firing shells into southern Israel. Palestinian security officials confirmed the building had been targeted but said the Israeli missiles fell in a nearby field, while witnesses said the building suffered some damage.

Also, Israeli army radio reported that heavy artillery and navy ships targeted what was described as access roads to Qassam homemade shells launch sites in Gaza City

Meanwhile, the Popular Resistance Committees released a statement on Saturday claiming responsibility for firing three homemade shells at Sderot.

The Brigades said that the firing of the shells comes in retaliation to the continuous Israeli attacks against the Palestinian  people and resistance fighters.    

Late Thursday night, the army began shelling location said to be  Qassam launch sites near built-up areas in the Gaza Strip, as part of a policy of increasing pressure on Palestinian fighters.