The Israeli High Court is slated to issue a ruling regarding installing a “security Wall”  around several roads in the Hebron Mountain area after it held a session on Monday to discuss three appeals regarding this issue.

The appeals were filed by Israeli Human Rights groups that demanded the High Court to void an Israeli military plan to install an internal wall south of the West Bank city of Hebron.

The planned wall will be 80 centimeters high and 41 kilometers long; it passes through Palestinian inhibited areas near Hebron especially through the villages of Yatta, Al Thahiriyya, Al Sammoa’ and Khirbit Al Tawalia.

This planned wall comes in addition to the rout of the annexation Wall Israel is constructing in the area.

If constructed, the wall will isolate 80.000 Dunams and 21 residential areas, which will bar the residents from receiving the basic services.

One of the organizations that joined the institutions in the appeal against the this wall is “Peace and Security Council” which includes several Israeli security and military officials.  

Members of the council said that the planned wall not improve the security situation in the area, and that it might be used by Palestinian fighters in order to ambush settlers and soldiers on these roads.

The members also said that the “security considerations” behind the construction of this internal wall are only allegations for further expansions.