One Palestinian resident was killed, earlier on Friday, and three others were injured after  clashing with thieves who turned out to be members of the Israeli Special Forces.

A medical source in Nablus reported that Wafa Maisara Ya’ish, 22, was shot dead and  three members of his family were injured after the under-cover forces opened fire at them near their house located in Ein Al Sibyan area, close to Nablus Soccer Playground.

Fathallah Ya’ish, that father of Wafa, and his two sons Tareq and Abdullah, 25 and 20, were injured.  

Also, soldiers obstructed an ambulance trying to transfer the injured residents to hospital, and surrounded Rafidia governmental hospital in the city.
On Thursday at night, one Palestinian police officer was injured as the police and residents were chasing thieves who attempted to attack some houses.

The family of Ya’ish thought that the under-cover units were thieves and clashed with them.
An Israeli military source reported that two soldiers were injured.

In a separate incident, soldiers surrounded a residential building that includes the house of Mona Mansour, a Hamas member of the Palestinian Legislative Council.
Two months ago, under-cover units of the Israeli army killed and injured members of a Palestinian family in Rojeeb village, east of Nablus, after they though that the soldiers were buglers.