New Palestinian Legislative Council member, Ghazi Hamed, reported on Saturday that the Israeli killing of six Palestinians in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah is, "a clear message to the world from the Israeli government that they will continue their work against members of the armed Palestinian resistance."

This is a horrible crime, says Hamed, that the Quartet and the European Union should take note of. "This is the Israeli beginning of yet another series of massacres against the Palestinian people as the Israeli government boycotts the Palestinian government and attacks its people."

The Palestinian government spoke directly to European and Arab states, and to the European Union, regarding the latest killing, giving details of what they referred to as the latest massacre. The Palestinian government called on those institutions to pressure the Israeli government to put an immediate end to its aggression.

Responding to a question concerning the position of the European Union and the United States after a negative investigation of the new Palestinian government, Hamed said that is an unjust decision and the siege on the Palestinian people is not serving any just position. He asked, "Why are the consequences of the crimes and occupation being placed upon the Palestinian people and not upon Israel?"

The Israelis are not recognizing the government, nor the President, nor the internationally accepted independent Palestine. "We are dealing with accusations against the Palestinian Authority while none are being made against the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people."

Hamed confirmed that the latest Israeli crime against the Palestinian people left six dead in the Gaza Strip as has gone unpunished, and without comment.