The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) submitted two strongly-worded condemnations Sunday against aggressions in Nablus.

Armed members of resistance parties, defying internal agreements, are using weapons reserved only to fight the occupation, have attacked ancient buildings in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

PCHR is calling for an immediately halt to such actions, which are against the Hamas government and in favor of Fateh member President Abbas. The call includes to bring them to justice, as the law must apply to all.

After Hamas Political Office President spoke Friday night from his place of exile in Syria against Fateh leaders, including President Abbas, chaos has reigned in Palestine.

At noon Sunday armed Palestinians opened fire at the Nablus Municipality Building, demanding that the Hamas party Mayor close his offices.

According to PCHR investigations, approximately 20 members of the Fateh linked armed resistance group, Al Aqsa Brigades broke into the downtown Nablus building, firing into the air. They forced all Palestinians working in the Municipality Building to leave and said it would be closed “until further notice” in protest of Khalid Mashal’s statements.

They also demanded that they receive their salaries as the US-led economic blockade against Palestine remains in affect.

Sunday late afternoon more Fateh-linked fighters attacked the Ministry of Health Building in Gaza City.

Thursday morning at approximately 10:15 am, some Palestinians threw two explosives at a government building in the southern Gaza Strip, east of Khan Younis City. They landed near a kindergarten. That act was in protest against the police. While there was no serious damage, there was also no justice.