President of the Political Committee in the Palestinian Legislative Council, Abdullah Abdullah, said the three-day national dialogue will begin Tuesday in Gaza and Ramallah via video conference. Hamas, Fatah, and other parties will be involved in order to hash out the current internal conflict.

A smaller meeting will begin Monday to begin to “eliminate the current crisis for the good of the Palestinian people and in the national interest, and in order to keep the government alive.”

Abdullah said that the dialogue will be open, with all issues available for discussion without constraints or conditions.

And Abdullah clarified that the current crisis is not an economic or financial crisis, but rather a “political crisis in the full sense of the word.” He said that the major causes of the current crisis can be ameliorated by harmonizing the political position of the new Hamas PLC government and the Palestinian Authority with one another and other “known Arab parties.” He expressed certainty the international attitude will not change in the foreseeable future.

The President of the Political Committee also said, “We expect from the new government a political position that responds to declared Palestinian and Arab attitudes, and that is in harmonious accord with legitimate decisions made by the Arab and international communities connected by the Palestinian cause.”

Abdullah also issued a condemnation of the continued economic blockade imposed on the Palestinian people, and ’s continued unilateral steps and military aggressions.