Suleiman Draji, 53-year-old Palestinian from Taiba village inside , died due to medical neglect in Israeli Hasharon Prison Wednesday.

The Palestinian Prisoner Society placed the full load of responsibility and blame on both the Israeli government and the Prisons’ Authority in the death of Draji who was a political prisoner.

The Israeli Prison Authority is notorious for its lack of proper medical care for Palestinian political prisoners.  Numerous reports indicated that serious torture wounds, broken limbs and heart conditions are often treated with a single pill similar to an aspirin.

The Palestinian Ministry of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs demanded an immediate international investigation into this latest crime inside Israeli jails.

The situation is continually desperate for Palestinian political prisoners as their population has risen to an approximate 9,300, including women and children.

Issa Qaraqia’, a Palestinian Legislative Council deputy and the former Director of the Palestinian Prisoner Society demanded that Israeli stop the violations of Palestinian Human Rights and held responsible for Draji’s death.

According to the Israeli Prison Authority, Draji was serving a 7 years imprisonment term allegedly for transferring weapons to Palestinian resistance fighters.