The Israeli Army evacuated the Osh-Ghrab military base east of of Beit Sahour near Bethlehem in the West Bank, on Thursday morning.

Residentsfrom the surrounding area rushed inside the military base to find it empty after soldiers suddenly pulled out.

Neighbors said the base had been quiet and in darkness for the past four days.

Palestinian Police rushed to the site to ensure that no harmful military artefacts were left behind.

Osh-Ghrab military base was built on confiscated land owned by Beit Sahour residents.

At least 150 houses in Beit Sahour were in various sates of damage as a result of tank shells and bullets fired from the base since it was established in October 2000.

After scores of residents entered the camp celebrating the evacuation which was unilaterally carried out, two Israeli army jeeps showed up and forced everyone out claiming it a closed military zone .  Residents left the area.

Apparently the camp has been permanently evacuated as all equipment has been removed, the base was completely emptied, however, residents are concerned that Israel wants to keep the land for other military or settler use.

The nearest civilian house in Beit Sahour is only 200 meters away from the base.