Ghazi Hamad, spokesman of the Palestinian Authority said on Monday that the PA will send a letter to the Quartet demanding it to interfere to stop the wall is building in the Wet Bank.

Hamad told reporters Gaza city on Monday that the letter will ask the Quartet members, The Unites States, United Nations, Russia and the European Union to financially pressure Israel to stop the construction of the wall which is locking the Palestinians in cantons.

"The main issue for is to speed up the construction of the apartheid wall, and ‘s major achievement in this century, is to separate from the Palestinians and imprison them in isolated cantons," Hamad said.

"We need international pressure to force to change its policies.  We have addressed the UN Secretary General on this issue, and we will address the Quartet, which will meet soon to try to make a real effort into this issue," he added.

He indicated that the International Court of Justice at The Hague has already ruled the wall illegal and must be removed, however this ruling found no positive official response.

He accused the Quartet of contributing to the deepening of the crisis in Palestine by continuing to sever contacts with the Palestinian Authority.

"We believe that the Quartet, if continued to boycott the Palestinian Government and refrain form playing its basic political and humanitarian role, contributes to the escalation of the crisis and bears partial responsibility in it," he said.

Hamad also criticized the Quartet silence towards the ongoing Israeli assassinations and invasions that became almost a daily action.