A report based on data collected from Palestinian humanitarian centers and press agencies revealed that Israeli soldiers shot and killed 36 Palestinians, including three children, in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip during the month of April; at least 300 residents were arrested in several areas in the West Bank.

Al Jeel Center for Journalism reported that most of the residents killed were either wanteds who were assassinated or were civilians killed during assassination attacks and shelling.

Ten of those killed were from the West Bank, while 26 residents were killed in the Gaza Strip during air strikes and shelling especially in the northern areas.

The month of April has been the bloodiest month since Israeli carried its unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, in august 2005.
In April the , Israeli soldiers arrested 320 Palestinian residents; most of the arrestees are members of resistance factions; the arrests were mainly carried out during invasions of the cities of Hebron and Nablus. Women and children werealso among the arrested.

During the invasions dozens of residents, including children, were injured.

Soldiers also causes serious environmental damage they uprooted dozens of trees, annexed and bulldozed hundreds of Dunams of Palestinian farmlands for the construction of the Wall and settlement expansion.

Most of the main Palestinian areas were closed off with residents unable to leave their areas as a result of the strict procedures practiced by the soldiers at the checkpoints scattered, all over the West Bank.