In the Jewish suburbs of Akka, a largely Palestinian city inside Israeli borders — a place where Israeli flags regularly fly overhead, incensing the Palestinian-Israeli population, Jewish youth attacked the local Mosque on Thursday.

The head of the Islamic movement inside Israeli borders, Sheikh Abbas Zakour, viewed the destruction alongside Akka’s Mayor Shamoun Lankri. Both the Sheikh and the Jewish Mayor agreed that such aggressions do not serve the Arab or Jewish populations.

The Mayor confirmed that he will heed the previous request of Sheikh Abbas Zakour and the Islamic movement’s lawyer, to use part of the city budget to build a protective barrier around the Mosque.

Of utmost importance, according to the Mayor, is to preserve the coexistence of the Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Akka, and he says he will exert all efforts to preserve the holiness of all sacred places.

Sheikh Zakour contacted Akka Chief of Police, Moshe Cohen, to work to catch the criminal and his co-conspirators and to not allow such acts to reoccur.

Cohen told Sheikh Zakour that none of the boys’ ages exceed 13 and he issued a warning against them that judicial proceedings will take place if they repeat their desecration of Muslim holy sites.