One Palestinian was killed in an explosion which rocked the building of the Palestinian General Intelligence in Gaza city on Saturday morning, Palestinian sources reported.

In addition, head of the Palestinian Intelligence Tareq Abu Rajab was wounded in the explosion.
Abu Rajab and seven of his companions were wounded in the blast which targeted the lift that he uses regularly.
Dr. Muawaiya Hasaneen director of the emergency rooms in the Palestinian Ministry of health said one of Abu Rajab’s companions was killed in the blast and described Abu Rajab’s wounds to be serious.
Abu Rajab escaped another assassination attempt three years ago, allegedly plotted by Hamas.
Last week, Abu Rajab led a delegation to Jordan to take part of the investigation in the weapons’ cache found in Jordan, allegedly smuggled to the country by Hamas, with which leaders of the movement deny relation.
Abu Ali Shaheen, a senior Fatah leader blamed the new security force formed by Hamas for targeting Abu Rajab.
Abu Ali refrained from accusing Hamas of attempting to assassinate Abu Rajab, yet he said he does not rule out Israeli fingers in the issue.
Khaled Abu Hilal spokesperson of the Palestinian government said initial reports say that it is not clear that it is an assassination attempt; saying that "It may be a bomb that fell of one of Abu Rajab’s guards by mistake, and exploded."
He said an investigation will be opened in the incident and the doers will be held responsible, adding that this act serves only the Israeli occupation.
Abu Rajab took over after his predecessor Amin Al-Hindi left his post.