A rPalestinian man with heart problems died after being beaten in the head and chest by Israeli soldiers at a military checkpoint in Abu Dees suburb, south of occupied East Jerusalem, Tuesday evening.

Local sources said that Shehda Muheissin, 51, was on his way to Al Mkased hospital in the city , and was stopped at Al Sheikh Saad military checkpoint by Israeli soldiers.  Eyewitnesses reported that the soldiers refused to let Muheissin pass, despite documentation of his medical appointment and his poor state of health.

According to the witnesses, after a long delay at the military checkpoint Muheissni attempted to pass through the checkpoint but the occupation soldiers punched and kicked him violently resulted in his death.

The victim’s relatives said that the medical report, obtained from Al Genan medical center in east Al Sawahra village proved that bruises and scars in Muheissni’s head and chest came from abusive beating.

Israeli military checkpoint Al Sheikh Saad, located south of occupied east Jerusalem , is a permanent Israeli checkpoint, one of 719 such checkpoints in the West Bank, separating Al sheikh Saad neighborhood and Jabal Al Mukaber, south of the Old town of the city.

*this article was sourced from the Palestinian National Information Center