Friday evening, a Palestinian refugee living in Iraq was abducted and shot dead by unknown gunmen in Al Dawra area, in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. A group which calls itself “Kata’eb Ahrar Al Iraq” (The Brigades of the Liberals of Iraq) distributed a leaflet on Friday at night giving the Palestinians in Iraq a ten-day period to leave the country.

A source at the Palestinian Refugees Commission in Iraq reported that several gunmen fired at Adel Rashad Rasheed, a taxi driver, while he was sitting near his home in Al Dawra area, and injured him in his foot before abducting him and driving away to an unknown location.

The body of Rasheed was found later on near a gas station in the same area.

The source stated that the Kata’eb (brigades) distributed a leaflet on Friday at night threatening to kill the Palestinians in Iraq, especially in Al Tobaji area.

The group said that the Palestinian refugees living in Iraq should leave the country within ten days “or else they will be treated like criminals and will face the same destiny of Sabah Abdul-Qader”.

Sabah Abdul-Qader is a Palestinian refugee in Iraq who was abducted and shot dead by an armed group in Iraq last week; signs of extreme torture were found on his body. 

Meanwhile, Palestinian families living in Iraq appealed the United Nations to help them in order to safely leave Iraq especially after armed group killed three Palestinians and injured two others in eight days.