During an early morning invasion of Jenin, two Israeli soldiers were injured, according to Israeli and Palestinian sources, when a homemade explosive went off next to an Israeli military convoy driving along Al Jabriyat Road near Jenin refugee camp.

The Al Quds Brigades, the military wing affiliated to the Islamic Jihad Movement, have claimed responsibility for injuring two Israeli soldiers early on Thursday morning.

In a statement, the Brigades affirmed that the bomb weighed 140 kg, highlighting that their operation completely destroyed one Israeli military vehicle.

The statement added that, after the explosion, armed clashes broke out between the Brigades’ fighters and members of the Israeli military patrol before Israeli military reinforcements arrived and ambulances rushed to the scene to transfer the injured Israeli soldiers.

Palestinian security sources confirmed that an explosion took place during the Israeli military raid of the camp and stressed that the Israeli forces had brought a large number of reinforcements into the camp, including military ambulances.

Israeli military sources confirmed that two soldiers were injured as a result of the explosion of three small bombs near their patrol.

The sources clarified that the injured Israelis were taken to Ha’emic hospital in the Israeli city of Afula for treatment.