The Hebron office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) reported that the Israeli army arrested 72 Palestinians, including 13 children, in Hebron and its surrounding villages during the month of May.

This number was officially registered by the society while several more residents that were arrested were registered by other societies.

According to the PPS report, Israeli troops arrested 18 residents in Hebron, 10 residents in the nearby village of Beit Ummar, 4 in Bani Neim, 10 in Doura, 3 in Yatta, 3 in Al Shiokh, 3 in Beit Awwa, 5 in Ithna, 5 in Al Arroub, 5 in Trqoumia, 1 in Halhoul, 1 in Kharas, and one in Al Thahiriyya.

The report also revealed that the Israeli military attacks have caused considerable damage to resident’s houses and properties.

Soldiers deliberately damaged the furniture in most of the attacked houses and terrified the residents by firing at their houses or forcing them and their children into one room for several hours in addition to throwing sound bombs inside the attacked houses.      

The number of Palestinian residents arrested in Hebron since the beginning of the year now stands at 431 residents;

– 73 residents, including 10 children and one woman, were arrested in January.
– 91 residents, including 16 children, were arrested in February.
– 91 residents, including 14 children, were arrested in March.
– 104 residents, including 20 children and one woman, were arrested in April.
– 72 residents, including 13 children, were arrested in may.

This brings the total number of Palestinian children arrested in Hebron since the beginning of the year to 73 children.