Nabil Amro, a senior Fatah leader said that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will not visit Gaza if Hamas does remove the new forces deployed in the Gaza strip, Voice of Palestine radio reported on Saturday.

The Hamas government has formed a new security force in May and deployed it in the Gaza Strip.  The force which is under the direct command of the Palestinian Minister of Interior, Said Saiyam, is composed mostly of Hamas’ armed wing, known as Al-Qassam brigade.

The force escalated the conflict between the Presidential council and the cabinet.

Amro also said that President Abbas will issue a presidential decree to hold a public referendum over the National Agreement document hammered by the Palestinian Political prisoners in Israeli jails.

Holding the referendum means that Palestinian factions, who have been intensively meeting during the past week, have failed to reach an agreement over the document.

Amro said, in a public meeting at the shepherd Hotel in Bethlehem called for by the Fatah youth, "the referendum does not affect the Palestinian Parliament nor the government, it is to judge between two conflicting political programs, one of which resulted in embargo against the Palestinians People and there fore increased their suffering."