Thursday morning at dawn Israeli forces once again raided the southern West Bank city of Hebron, taking seven Palestinians to unknown locations.


Israeli forces began Thursday morning’s invasion with a search campaign, opening fire and breaking into sleeping homes in several Hebron neighborhoods simultaneously.

According to official sources from the Hebron office of the Palestinian Prisoner Society, the Chamber of Commerce in Hebron, and joint operations of the Palestinian National Security, the invasion was large-scale, but par for the course.

The seven Palestinians now in unknown locations include a member of the Jabari family, 29 year old Ahmed Mohammed who works for the Palestinian Criminal Investigation Office, 24 year old accountant Sherif Hamdi Hamada, 24 year old Mohammed Ali Hussein Abu Hussein, 24 year old Ayub Zakaria, 23 year old school teacher in southern Hebron, Abdel Halim Omar Abu Hussein, and 23 year old Ja’afar Abdel Rahim Abu Hussein.

For the first three days after an arrest, no one is allowed to know the locations of the people, not even the Red Cross. These three days are generally reported the same via the Palestinian Prisoner Society by those who survive them—interrogation and torture.