Israeli military bulldozers uprooted on Saturday morning dozens of olive treas that belong to the sons of Mahmoud Hussein Al Sheikh, from Snieria village, south of the West Bank city of Qalqilia. The treas were uprooted in preparation to pave a settlement road in the area.

The Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, reported that soldiers started sabotaging and uprooting the agricultural lands in the area in order to link Oranit settlement with a main  settlement road.

 Oranit settlement was installed on lands annexed from residents of villages located south of Qalqilia.

Mohammad Al Sheikh, one of the owners of the bulldozed orchards, informed WAFA that they did not receive any orders or warnings from the Israeli army, and that they went to their orchards to find military bulldozers digging a settlement road, west of Azzoun Atma village which became isolated behind the annexation Wall.
Al Sheikh added that, since the construction of the Wall, soldiers have been barring them from reaching their orchards unless they obtain special permits from the Israeli authorities.  

The annexation Wall completely isolated Azzoun village from its surrounding areas, and barred hundreds of farmers from reaching their orchards and agricultural farms and hothouses.