A Palestinian Preventative Security officer was shot and killed by unknown gunmen in Gaza City, on Saturday.

Bassem Qotob died instantly after suffered several rounds of live ammunition in his body, he was pronounced dead in al Shifa hospital in the city, medical sources reported.

Sources at the Preventative Security force in Gaza have accused members of Hamas of connection with Qotob’s death.

Sources also claimed that Qotuop’s was killed due to unsuccessful kidnap attempt.

None of the armed resistance wings in the Gaza Strip have clamed responsibility, an Investigations was initiated to determine the cause and those responsible for the accident.

Abu Shbak was particpating in the funeral of a major in the Preventive Security force who was shot and killed Saturday during a what was described as a kidnapping attempt.

 Preventive Security accused Hamas of carrying out the killing, and vowed to retaliate. During the funeral, gunmen chanted "Revenge, revenge" and fired in the air while passing by several groups of Hamas gunmen.