An Israeli military court  extended Administrative Detention of several young Palestinians formn the West Bank, Palestinian sources reported.  Under thjis military order, Palestinians are subject to a renewable detention without going to court and without charges.

According to the latest report from the well-respected Palestinian Prisoner Society, the of youth are all being held for varying periods of time based on secret information. Israeli courts routinely do not allow the accused or their lawyers to see the “evidence” used against them, leading any international lawyer to question the legitimacy of such a court system.

Political prisoners and elected officials such as Marwan Al Barghouti of Fateh and Ahmed Sa’adat of the leftist PFLP “do not recognize the legitimacy of the occupation court” due to other reasons, they are still not respected in influential circles outside their own and the United States administration.

Majdi Mohammad Mahmoud Masad, Mujahid Ahmed Mohammad Salah, and Abdul Ghani Abu Haija from Jenin are now being held another six months.

Shadi Mohammed Ali Hamamer from Jenin Refugee Camp, and Anas Al Youssef Mohammad Ebeid from Jenin, will both be imprisoned for another three months.

Lawyer Farid Hawash was present in the Salem Israeli Military Court and reported on the sentence extension of Mohammed Sadeq Saleh Subeh from Burquin Village near Jenin, Ahmed Abdel Karim Mahmoud Yang, Ahmed Mohammed Yousef from Sielet Al Harithiyah, Ismail Ahmed Mohammad Zakarneh, and Ahmed Hassan Ahmed Abu Lord of Qabatia Village.

Lawyer Hawash reported that Fadi Ahmed Al Derbi from Jenin will be held at least until the end of July and Firas Mahmoud Hassan Abdel Abu Lord from Qabatia Village at least until the end of August. Hawash stated that the prosecutor claimed all those with extended imprisonment periods without charge or trial, yet based on secret evidence, are affiliated with Islamic Jihad.