After an Israeli air-strike killed 11 Palestinians, including eight civilians, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Tuesday that Israel is trying to wipe the Palestinians out by its continuous attacks against heavily populated areas in the Gaza Strip. 

"Every day, the Israeli army is killing and injuring Palestinians, all innocent, all passersbys”, Abbas stated, “We are trying to establish a state an live in peace, but Israel wants to to destroy and kill our people”.

Tuesday’s Israeli attack was carried out in Salah Ed Deen Street in the Jabalia refugee camp. Eleven Palestinians, including two children, were killed in the attack; at least twenty were injured.

The attack targeted a vehicle said to be transporting Islamic Jihad fighters.

Meanwhile, the Al Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad, vowed retaliation to the continuous Israeli attacks.

Abu Ahmad, spokesperson of the Brigades, said that the retaliation will be “deterring and rattling”.

Also, Khader Habeeb, one of the political leaders of the Islamic Jihad, said that the Palestinian people will not surrender and will carry on with the struggle.

Monday Israeli air force fired two missile at a Palestinian vehicle in a crowded street, killing nine residents, including two school children.

An army source reported that the attack was aimed at a vehicle transporting fighters of the Islamic Jihad; two Islamic Jihad activists are among the dead.

The extra judicial killing was carried out in the heavily populated neighborhood of Al Zeitoun in Gaza. Dozens of resident were injured in the attack, including residents who are in critical conditions.

Israeli army sources claimed that the first missile “missed its target” and caused civilian casualties, while the second missile hit the targeted vehicle killing two members of the Islamic Jihad.

Eyewitnesses reported that the second missile came only two minutes after the first, after dozens of residents gathered in the area around the scene of the attack.