Palestinian Authority employees stormed the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) headquarters in Ramallah while the MP’s were in session,on Wednesday at noon.
The demonstrators entered the hall while the PLC was in session.
 Some MP’s tried to block the demonstrators, who then retaliated by throwing files and paper and then jumped on the tables.

Aziz Ad-Dweik the PLC spokesperson and other members called for the demonstrators to stop their protest and leave the halls but the protesters continued regardless. It was not until much later that the demonstrators left the PLC hall and continued their protest outside,local sources reported.

Some Fatah PLC members called this action the Hunger revolution, while Hamas members called it an attempt to overthrow the Hamas government.

PA employees are owed the last four months wages, and some ofthem have been, unable to provide food for their children over the last week.

 More than 165 thousand PA employees have not received their salaries due to the economic boycott imposed by the US and several other countries since the election of the Hamas party in Palestine .

All this comes in middle of the power struggle between the main Palestinian  factions of  Hamas and Fatah, which had been described by some political analysts as  " a civil war".
Already more than 50 Palestinians have been  killed in inter-political rivalry during the last two months.