The Israeli shelling of Gaza beach is just another episode in the endless carnage that is the holy land’s 21st century manna from heaven, another level of the global war game.

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A game, which tears apart bodies and lives to justify political equations dreamt up in the minds of the mighty.
Now we are seeing the formation of the Gaza front, which could make the 2002 Jenin massacre, look like a birthday party.
And wherever we live in our world we all suffer to some degree from such death throes swirling around us, causing side effects of anxiety and financial burden even to those far far away from the scene of the crime.
We are all human and we pay the price for state sanctioned deaths but some pay more than others.
Those wounded in Gaza were taken to two hospitals inside of the green line of Israel some to Beer sheva and others to Tel Aviv.
So those bombed and maimed by the Israeli air force, are then taken into an Israeli hospitals, what must that be like should you be conscious enough to understand your surroundings, lying in the arms of the enemy, an enemy that has destroyed and continues to destroy everything human beings live for.
17 year old Iham Rayila, survived the Gaza beach massacre but only just, her medical report reads as follows, multiple trauma, severe lung injury, pericardial effusion, hermodyamic instability, chest tube insertion, fractured ribs, abdomen injury, spleen and hepatic laceration, fracture of humerus in left and right arms.
Her wounds are now infected.
Recording the Palestine today newscast means that day in day out I read and edit endless statistics, of death, injury and arrest. Arriving in the intensive care unit and seeing a statistic wired up to all the medical apparatus to keep her living was yet another realisation at the insanity of humans destroying humans.
I interviewed the Iham’s uncle the only member of her family left alive and uninjured who is able to be with her but he is prohibited from leaving the hospital, the Israeli government have denied him permission to leave and should decide to leave the hospital confines will be liable to arrest. Not only has Ramadan lost or seen his entire family maimed but he is a prisoner inside Tel Aviv’s hospital without the freedom to even take a walk outside to reflect on his situation