The Israeli army has arrested 24 residents from village and town around the West Bank city of Hebron Thursday morning.

The Army arrested Abd Al Men’em Mojahed, 36, and Yihia Shabanah, 18, in Hebron and  Mohamed Al Sowiti, 50, Isma’el Al Sowiti, 47, Bilal Al Sowiti, 19, Iyad Al Sowiti, 19, Bassem Abd Al Rassol, 23, Sobhi Al Massalma, 48, and another four residents in the town of Beit Awa, local sources reported.

Meanwhile troops stormed Dora village west of the city and arrested 6 residents. Only two have been identified so far as Imad Jaradat, 35, and Issa Al Shalalda, 27.

Troops arrested Khalil Al Kharof in the village of Ithna and Hussen Mossa in the village of Tarqumia. Troops also arrested Nidal Al Karnaz, 26, from Al Arob refugee camp near the city, local sources added.