Israeli warplanes flying over Gaza have been dropping leaflets, in addition to bombs, on the Palestinians living there.  The IMEMC managed to obtain a copy of the leaflet, and have translated it.  The translation says:

"To The Residents of the Area:

The Israeli Defense Forces is conducting military operations throughout the Gaza Strip, including your area, in order to locate and rescue the kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Sharit, and to continue to defend the residents of the Israeli state.

 For your own safety and from our willingness to not harm residents who are not involved in operations against the Israeli Defense Forces, you are forbidden from moving or gathering in the areas that the Israeli army is working in. You are forced to obey the army’s orders. Anyone who obstructs our forces working in Gaza to retrieve the kidnapped soldier will put himself in danger.


 The General Command of the Israeli Defense Forces"

Those leaflets were dropped as the Israeli army continued heavy artillery shelling in numerous air strikes and ground invasion in the eastern and northern parts of the Gaza Strip.