The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) spokesman gave three possible scenarios as to the current  status of the captured Israeli soldier at a press conference in Gaza on Thursday.

The first scenario suggests that the soldier is dead and the body is somewhere without proper burial because there is no electricity to run the refrigerators to keep the bodies from decomposing, and Israel “should urge to respect its dead and retrieve the body.”

Israel destroyed the two main power planets in the Gaza Strip, leaving 1.3 million residents without electricity.

Another option given by spokesman is that the soldier is wounded and is not receiving medical treatment because movement in Gaza is restricted by Israel and the resistance fighters have to hide underground.  The spokesperson said this should be another reason to speed up diplomacy talks to end the crisis.

The third possible scenario for the missing soldier is that he is safe and sound, and “may pay the price of the crimes of the Israeli occupation.”

The PRC is one of the Palestinian groups that carried out the attack on an Israeli military base in Kerem Shalom in the southern Gaza Strip last Sunday. The attack killed two Palestinian fighters and two Israeli soldiers, with one Israeli soldier captured by the Palestinian fighters and brought to back Gaza Strip.

Following the attack, Israel beefed up its presence at the Gaza Strip borders and launched several land and air strikes against Palestinian civilian areas including the power plants and three bridges in addition to some residential areas in Gaza Strip.