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Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Monday, July 3rd 2006

News from Gaza as the situation intensifies, Israeli Army invade Nablus and damages the fire station, dairy products factory headquarters, and local TV station, Army arrests three residents from Iskaka village, invades the West Bank cities of Jenin and Tulkarem

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News as the situation intensifies in Gaza

The situation in Gaza is intensifying and Gazan civilians are at great risk, now we have a round up of recent events:

On Monday in Gaza, Israeli troops killed two Palestinians in two separate incidents.

One of those killed was Abdul-Rahim Jaber Daraj 30 a victim of a targeted assassination while the other was a member of the Palestinian security forces.

Eyewitnesses reported that an Israeli plane fired at least one missile at a vehicle in Beit Hanoun, the northern part of the Gaza Strip, killing Abdul-Rahim Jaber Daraj, 30; two residents were also injured in the attack.

The killed member of the Palestinian security force was assassinated by Israeli military fire in Beit Hanoun after the tanks and panzers advanced 1 kilometer into the area and occupied three houses turning them into watch towers. He remains unidentified.

This raises the death toll in the Gaza Strip to five in the past two days, since Israeli soldiers shot and killed three Palestinian fighters in Gaza International Airport in Rafah, the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

According to Israeli military sources, soldiers spotted three Palestinians heading towards Rafah airport, which is now completely occupied by Israeli troops.

Soldiers claimed that they assassinated the three alleging that the men were armed with explosives with the intention of carrying out a suicide bombing against the tanks and jeeps.

Palestinian factions responsible for the capture of the Israeli soldier released their third military communiqué setting a deadline for the conclusion of negotiations.

Abu Obaida, spokesman of al-Qassam brigade, the armed wing of Hamas said, Israel has not responded to our two communiqués, and warns Israel against not ignoring their demands calling for the release of women and child prisoners held in Israeli jails.


“This is a warning to the Zionist enemy, if they do not respond to our demands, things will be very complicated, the ball is in their court now, if they really care about the life of their soldier, they should respond positively to our demands. It seems that the Zionist enemy has not learned from previous experiences of when we captured Israeli soldiers in the past.”

Also on Monday one Resident was critically injured in Abassan village east of Khan Younis in the Gaza strip.

Tha’er Abu Doka, 16, was injured in an explosion of an unidentified object left by the Israeli army in Abassan.

The boy was moved to a nearby hospital where his wounds were described as critical, medical sources reported.


Israeli Army invade Nablus and damages the fire station, dairy products factory headquarters, and local TV station

Monday at dawn the Israeli army invaded the West Bank city of Nablus and attacked the fire station and dairy factory headquarters causing severe damage.

Army jeeps and bulldozers stormed the city and surrounded the fire station and damaged the water tank and bibs then moved on to a local dairy products factory and closed it, because they claimed it was owned by Hamas, also troops took over the local TV station in the city and cut off the signal for several hours before leaving,

Salem Suwidan the director of the local TV station comments on the attack

"After midnight, Israeli troops broke into the TV building located in the middle of Nablus city, where they detained the night shift crew consisting of three people and shut our broadcast down until the morning. This is the fifth attack on the station by the army, including arrests, shooting one of our co-workers two months earlier, shelling of the broadcast tower and the latest attack which occurred today before dawn".

No arrests were made but damage to several homes was also reported during what was described by local residents, as barbaric searches carried out by soldiers.

Israeli Army arrests three residents from Iskaka village, releasing one after two hours

The Israeli army invaded the village of Iskaka near the West Bank city of Salfit and arrested three residents releasing one of the three after two hours.

Troops arrested Abd Allah Hroop, and Bilal and Abd Al Rahman Shaheen, after invading the village and searching several houses, local sources reported. The local sources also confirmed that Bilal was released after two hours but the other two are still held prisoners.

Army invades Tubas, arrests one resident and attacks shepherds in Al Borj area east of Tubas

Israeli troops invaded the West Bank city of Tubas, early Monday morning, and arrested one resident.

Morad Khader was arrested when troops stormed the city and fired random rounds of live ammunition, eyewitnesses reported. 

He was taken to an unknown location, eyewitnesses added
The Israeli army troops also chased and attacked shepherds in the Borj area east of the city, on Monday.
 Soldiers attacked while shepherds were herding their sheep in the area and forced them from the area. Soldiers also attacked shepherds who refused to leave the area, local sources reported.
 The army claims that the area is a closed military zone.

Army invades the West Bank city of Jenin 
Monday at dawn, the Israeli army invaded the West Bank city of Jenin, and fired randomly at residents houses.

Troops and army jeeps stormed the city from several directions and fired gas canisters, rubber-coated bullets and rounds of live ammunition at the residents’ homes, eyewitnesses reported.

No injuries were reported

Army invades Bethlehem and storms several local NGOs office, arrests two residents from Al Shawaoura village east Bethlehem         

Israeli armed forces invaded the West Bank city of Bethlehem Monday morning, storming two local Non-governmental organizations offices and several shops.

Scores of army jeeps and soldiers invaded the Al Saff area in the city and forced their way into the office of the Orphanage Care Society, a local organization that works with local orphan children, and also attacked several shops in the area, eyewitnesses reported.

Another force stormed the Islamic Charitable Society, which is a local organization in the nearby city of Beit Sahour that does work with education.

Damage was reported in both NGOs and soldiers confiscated computers files and other belongings. Troops also issued a military order that renewed a closure order of a third organization in Beit Sahour.

Israeli army troops arrested two residents in the village of Al Shawaoura, east of the city, during an invasion at dawn Monday.

Army jeeps stormed the village from several directions with soldiers searching several homes before arresting Ibrahem Al Dar’awi, 31, and taking him to an unknown location, eyewitnesses reported.

Army invades Tulkarem and storms orphanage

Israeli forces have attacked and searched Tulkarum orphanage in the West Bank city of Tulkarem Monday morning.

At around 4:00 am troops and jeeps stormed the house searched it then damaged property and left, no arrests were made, eyewitnesses reported.

And that’s just some of the news for today in Palestine. For constant updates, check out the International Middle East Media Center website,  As always, thanks for joining us.  From Occupied Bethlehem, this is Palestine today, brought to you by Pennie Quinton, Maia Willaims Carpenter and Ghassan Bannoura