One Palestinian was killed and at least 11 were wounded in an Israeli invasion to the West Bank city of Jenin, following a failed assassination attempt by an Israeli undercover army unit. Six Palestinians were arrested 

The unit stormed a mourning house in the city in an attempt to assassinate leaders of Al-Aqsa brigade in the city.

Israeli sources said that Zakaria Al-Zubeidi, leader of the Aqsa Brigade in Jenin area, was killed in the attack.  However, local sources said that Zubeidi noticed people entering the mourning house who he did not recognized and started shooting in the air. The unfamilar faces turned out to be an Israeli undercover special unit and the shooting distracted the soldiers allowing Zubeidi to escape, Maan news agency reported.

Mahmoud Al-Sa’adi, another senior resistance fighter, also escaped the assassination attempt.

The two were paying condolences in the mourning house when the undercover unit came in.

Ahmad Eid, 16, was killed and at least eleven were injured. The wounded were evacuated to the city hospital.

IMEMC reporter said dozens of army vehicles, backed by Apaches helicopters, are still in the city to impose a curfew. Troops remain on guard outside of the hospital where the wounded were taken for medical treatment.

The fighters were wounded when troops invaded the city and opened machine gun fire at a group of fighters in the city.

Five others were arrested as more military back up arrived to the city.